BTT solid

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The BTT solid has the same overall dimensions as the regular version, but is equipped with plastic side and rear walls in a sturdy aluminium frame. Two version are currently available, one with white, lockable doors and one with transparent, non-lockable doors. Both come with three storage trays on the inside. For further information please contact us at Price reduced from 1950€ on these last two models.


BTT – the Box-Trolley-Tray – especially for customers in the gastronomic sector. Two shallow, wall-to-wall floors offer a large storage space for sandwiches, filled rolls, drinks, fast food, slow food, as well as for small and large parcels, toolkits, newspaper bundles, coin cases, holiday brochures, folders, shoe boxes, catalogues, muesli packets, give-aways, replacement parts, CD’s or DVD’s, and much, much more.